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You win, nature.

I was really bummed out this morning. It could have been for a multitude of reasons but I told myself that since I took a few days off running, it was time to go out and hit the hills. I’m so blessed to live in a VERY hilly, beautiful community and there are hills on hills on hills to run. I’ve never been very fast, despite having a tree trunk of a lower body, but I try to make up for that with endurance and a scary love of hills. I wish I could say that I love hills because of the challenge and tie in some life lesson about conquering what faces us, no matter how steep the metaphorical hill, but I actually think it’s because I used to get shin splints when running on flat ground and inclines didn’t cause me any pain. Sometimes I’m just too inspirational for my own good, seriously.

Anyway, I didn’t want to run. I wanted to sleep and watch TV and really just not do anything remotely productive with my day. I’ve been running long enough to know that all I need to do is suck it up and start moving, though, and I’ll feel 100% better and not want to run people over with trucks, so I did it. I repeated a quote from Rocky in my head:

“It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

I was pumped up by that point. I set out to run and was running faster and harder than I usually do, and it felt easy and amazing. Probably the excessive caffeine and lack of sleep, to be honest. Ten minutes in, I was charging up hills, pumping myself up, telling myself to keep pushing, to train harder, and that I was a beast. Ridiculously motivational and ridiculously cheesy, but it worked. I ran up one hill, then the next, then thought, okay, let’s just find a new, giant hill and BRING IT ON. I found one I liked, turn to run it, and saw a yellow sign:

“Mountain lions have been spotted in the area.”

And that was that. Turned right around and ran some less life-threatening hills for the next fifty minutes. Well played, nature. You win.



For something nearly unrelated to everything, I really love saying the phrase VEGANFATSHAKE. It’s eye-catching. I swear it should be a dance move. I see shimmying, hip shaking, crazy eyes, the works. So fetch.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to add more coconut oil into my diet for a lot of reasons. Yes, I do get swayed by trends. Yes, I try to keep things reasonable. But after my friend started adding in more coconut oil and her skin responded beautifully, I thought, hey, this could be interesting. Yes, I did just type out a grammatically abominable sentence.

Random disgusting-sounding potential disaster #1: coconut oil in coffee. This is a thing. A thing that people do. I thought hey, why not? As it turns out, when you blend coffee and coconut oil together, it gets really frothy and the first few sips are delicious. Toward the second half of the cup, you start to struggle because you realize that you are drinking liquid fat. Cheers? Anyway, on continue…

The same friend that told me about the vegan fat shake and inspired me to look more into the beginnings of a cyclical ketogenic diet (because food doesn’t consume enough of my attention on a daily basis) had sent me a text earlier in the day yesterday, which I thought I had replied to. Scratch that, I SENT a reply, it just apparently didn’t go through. Apparently none of the day’s texts did. So by the time we started talking on Facebook Messenger today, we had a very dramatic exchange of “OMG I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT HAVE DIED.” Thank you technology, for allowing us to stay connected ALL THE TIME 🙂

Here’s the best part of the exchange: 

“My thought process: 6am Well she’s probably not awake. 12pm Well she’s probably training. 10pm THE LAST SNAPCHAT I GOT WAS HER BLENDER WHAT IF HER HOUSE BURNED DOWN IN SOME FREAK FAT SHAKE BLENDER ACCIDENT AND SHE’S DEAD”

Read that again. “Freak fat shake blender accident.” Then read it again. It might be the best phrase ever. My life is complete.

Freak fat shake blender accident.